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Support regulation compliance

K-BPR Compliance Support

Provide regulatory compliance services of ARECs, CCA and K-BPR to chemical industries with difficulties of regulatory implementation due to a poor management condition.

Biocide approval support

  • Support approval of biocides manufactured and imported mainly by SMEs.

    Support substance consortium organization

    Support organization, operation, etc. of substance consortium.

    Provide customized consulting on biocides approval for SMEs

Biocide related Education and Promotion Support

  • Propose implementation guidance and provide education for each industrial sector

    Provide education for industry to form consortium in the area where SMEs are concentrated

    Produce and distribute QnA casebook and leaflet related to biocide approval

    Operate biocidal management council and implementation counseling center

    Confirm difficulties on implementation and develop support strategy

    Establish and operate counseling center biocide safety management guidance

Inquiry : 02-3019-6703 Administration Management sin926@kcma.or.kr