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Support regulation compliance

ARECS compliance support

Provide regulatory compliance services of ARECs, CCA and K-BPR to chemical industries with difficulties of regulatory implementation due to a inadequate management condition.

ARECs SME support project

  • Support Joint registration

    Select and support chemical substances need to be registered
    * substance with early secured hazard information, small volume batch production substances, core materials, new industrial substances

    Support whole process of JR from formation of consortium to registration completion

    Chemical substance registration consulting support

    Select substances willing to register and mainly consist of SMEs from pre-registration data

    Distribute flate rate amount to consortium applied for support after satisfactori conditios are met

    Customized education

    Operate Joint registration compliance education

    Staged JR education (General/Practical/Advanced/Polyner), specified education for each kind of business, Risk assessment production and drafting education using K-CHESAR

One-stop chemical safety joint support project(expected in 2021)

  • Provide integrated guide for regulations and relevant services through one-stop chemical safety joint support project

    Provide phone counseling by arranging dedicated counselor for each regulation

K-CHESAR management and draft exposure scenario support project

  • Manage K-CHESAR program and support industry

    Manage and improve K-CHESAR user function

    Support industry K-CHESAR application
    > Provide K-CHESAR education resources
    > Hold program briefing session and webinar
    > Operate K-CHESAR information center

    Support exposure scenario drafting

    Support exposure scenario draft for CSR

    Develop and distribute exposure scenario sample for each kind and process

Verifying existing chemical hazard information project

  • Establishment Hazard information DB for existing chemical substance

    Establish sequential hazard information DB according to registration tonnage band

    Analyze each endpoint, condition and result for chemicals by verifying DB that provides national/international reports, hazard information on chemicals
    (Maximum 47 test items including physico/chemico properties, human health and environment hazard)

    Data gap analysis considering exemption criteria for hazard test item

    Analyze classification and labeling information under global standards(UN GHS) based on domestic and foreign information.

    Information dissemination through hazard chemical searching system

    Industry support center disclose the data for prospective registrants to use the result of existing chemical hazard information within grace period
    ※ Industry support center (https://www.chemnavi.or.kr)

ARECs Operation Support Project

  • Support ARECs operation by composing annual report, providing hazard information, and promoting chemical safety regulations

Inquiry : 02-3019-6703 Administration Management sin926@kcma.or.kr