International Relations

International Relations

KCMA establishes network with international chemical organizations and exchanges information on international chemical regulation

Established Network with International Chemical Organizations

  • Concluded MOU with international chemical organizations to continuously exchange information and disseminate regulatory trends

    NITE, National Institute of Technology and Evaluation

    SAHTECH, Safety and Health Technology Center

    CEFIC, ECHA, ACC , JCIA Form network and exchange chemical information with ASEAN (Vietnam, Singapore and etc) and international chemical organizations.

Represent Korean Chemical Industry for International Regulatory Response

  • Invites regulatory experts from various countries as speakers and holds International Conference on Chemical Policy(ICCP) biennially since 2012 to inform domestic and international chemical industry about global trends in chemical management

    Held ICCP on 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018

    Attend international conferences such as OECD, APEC and SAICM, and speak for domestic chemical industry and deliver the result back to industry

Provide latest trends on international chemical regulation

  • Provide the latest trends on regulation on major economies (US, EU, Japan, China, ASEAN and etc) and summary of international conference results and other useful information

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