Chemicals Substances Information Management

Membership Service

Provide customized education and 1:1 on-site education considering facility’s hazard substance handling case and volume
Share latest issues, revision, future directions on chemical regulation through domestic seminar

Chemical Management Council

  • Collecting opinions and resolving difficulties related to the implementation of regulations

    KCMA is operating chemical management council for member companies to resolve the regulatory issues which member companies are facing.

    Chemical Management Council Formation and Operation

    Chemical management council is composed of ARECs, CCA and Biocide subcouncil.
    • ARECs sub-council

    • CCA sub-council

    • Biocide sub-council

    Member companies wishing to submit opinions regarding the ARECs, CCA and K-BPR can submit their opinion through the council throughout the year.

    KCMA collects member companies’ opinions for certain period, holds sub-council meeting, prepares solution or alternative and informs relevant organizations for discussions

    Regular meeting(1/year), sectional meeting(4/year, per quarter)

KCMA Seminar

  • Since 2004, KCMA has been holding seminar annually to inform the government and businesses about domestic and foreign regulatory trends to discuss key issues and collect opinions.

    Seminar Status and Record
    2019 Industry’s counterstrategy on strengthened chemical and chemical product regulation
    2018 Improving Competitiveness of Chemical Industry from Chemical Safety Management
    2017 Industrial response strategies for rapidly changing chemical regulations
    2016 Current status of new chemical regulations and industrial response strategies
    2015 Implementation of ARECs and CCA and industrial response measures
    2014 Enhance international competitiveness of chemical industry by complying with ARECs and CCA
    2013 First step for fruitful chemical industry starts with safe management of chemical
    2011 Latest trends of chemical management in Korea, China and Japan and industrial response strategies
    2010 Ways to improve domestic chemical regulation and industrial response measures for GHS implementation
    2009 Measures to vitalize Green Chemistry for chemical industry to achieve low carbon·green growth
    2008 Chemical management measures and strategies for chemical industry’s sustainable growth
    2007 Symposium for chemical industry’s response strategies considering environmental change and Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of chemicals
    2006 Public hearing for introduction of chemical industry’s GHS implementation and new paradigm of response strategy
    2005 Seminar for the next generation development plan of chemical industry and presentation of TCCA amendment
    2004 Challenges for sustainable and environmentally friendly development of chemical industry

PRTR Technical Support

  • PRTR is conducted under article 11 of CCA, and article 5 of its enforcement decree every year. In order to help the businesses analyze the pollutant release and transfer effectively, KCMA technically support them on emission source tracking&computation, report composition on the result, and post-management.

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