Government Commissioned Projects

Government Entrusted Projects

KCMA supports SMEs’ composition and registration of assessment document for their regulatory compliance

Government Entrusted Projects under the 「CCA」

  • Chemicals verification statement

    Receive chemical verification statement and issue verification issuance

    Maintain and operate electronic service system

    Support imported chemical customs office

  • Statistical Survey

    Investigate the kinds and handling status of chemicals of the businesses granted permission for, or reported on the installation of a discharge facility or of the ones that manufacture, store, keep, use, import or export chemicals

    Provide educational and technical support to produce ground data for chemical regulations and accident prevention and response

  • Receipt and overall analysis of hazardous substance handler statistical survey

    Receive annual performance report by written letter or by online system from hazardous substances(toxic, restricted, prohibited, authorized and accident preventive) handlers

    Produce ground data for hazardous substances regulation establishment by gathering, compiling and analyzing statistics

Support SMEs

  • Support SME with ARECs

    Support Joint Registration

    Support Joint Registration document preparation with consortium formation, risk assessment composition, and hazardous test data production & purchase

    Operate counseling center for SMEs’ implementation of ARECs

    Provide SMEs proficiency program

    Provide SMEs proficiency program educating SMEs from the basics of ARECS to Joint Registration and etc.

  • Support SME with CCAs

    Free technical support on composition of off-site impact assessment and risk management plan

    Support composition and submission of off-site impact assessment and risk management plan by site visits and consultation of experts

    Provide customized special safety education for SME chemical accident prevention

    Provide customized education and 1:1 on-site education considering facility’s hazard substance handling case and volume

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