About KCMA

The history of Korea Chemicals Management Association(KCMA) stems from ‘Toxic Chemicals Control Association’, founded in 1991. Composed of over 1,300 member companies, KCMA has grown as a representative chemical agency along with chemical industry’s growth in Korea.

Since 1991, KCMA has acted as a mediator between the government and the industry in order to support sound development of the chemical industry and implementation of the chemical substances control policies. KCMA represents the voices of the industry in times of establishing the new chemical substances policies, disseminates the relevant information to the industry and helps them to comply with the new regulations.

Recently, reinforcing the chemical regulations for the benefit of human health and the environment has been a global trend. In Korea, the chemical substances control system has been dramatically beefed up, and the role of KCMA is more crucial than ever to help the industry meet the heightened standards of chemical management.

KCMA strives for domestic chemical industry to improve the international competitiveness and to earn the people’s trust that it is safe.

The legislation of 「Consumer Chemical Products and Biocides Safety Act (K-BPR)」 has been promulgated in addition to the revisions of 「Act on Registration, Evaluation etc. of Chemicals (ARECs)」 and 「Chemicals Control Act (CCA)」 in recent years. In order for the industry to implement those act smoothly, KCMA will promote education and awareness for the employees as well as provide a channel for communication between the government and the industry. Furthermore, it will back up industry to build a capacity to prevent and to cope with the chemical accidents through fostering safety expert. KCMA will provide SMEs with the customized education and the technical supports to comply with the new regulations. Lastly, it will actively participate in global forums on chemical substances control within APEC, OECD and invigorate information exchange with the international chemical agencies.

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