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Support regulation compliance

CCA Compliance Support

Provide regulatory compliance services of ARECs, CCA and K-BPR to chemical industries with difficulties of regulatory implementation due to a inadequate management condition.

CCA SMEs Support Project

  • Support SMEs on drafting off-site impact assessment and risk management plan

    Analyze the companies subject to off-site impact assessment and risk management plan submission and establish support strategy
    * SMEs defined under Article 3 of 「Framework Act on SME」

    1:1 company visit consultation

    Provide education (PFD, P&ID, KORA Program , Risk Analysis Education etc.) for capacity building

    Develop PR materials on the new regulation (Chemical Accident Prevention Management Plan) and provide information session

    Special safety education for vulnerable facilities

    Provide 1:1 customized education for small businesses (SMEs)

    Produce textbooks and videos in foreign languages for foreign workers(11 languages completed and 4 languages being produced)

    Provide safety training related to handling hazardous chemicals for foreign workers

PRTR Support Project

  • Support risk management plan drafting related to chemical emission reduction regulation (enforced in November 2019)

Compliance support on chemical substance verification system

  • Receive chemical verification statement and issue chemical verification certificate

    Operate and maintain electronic civil complaint system

    Support operation of custom-clearance management office for imported chemicals

    CCA implementation Guidance

    • Chemical Manufacture·Import Guidance

Support hazardous chemical business performance submission

  • Receive·Analyze detailed report on hazardous chemical handler

    Receive annual business performance reports of hazardous chemical (toxic, restricted, prohibited, chemical requiring permission and chemicals requiring preparation for accidents) handlers through the reporting system

    Produce foundation data for establishing hazardous chemicals management policies through collecting data and analyzing current state of distribution

Inquiry : 02-3019-6703 Administration Management sin926@kcma.or.kr