About KCMA

Represent domestic chemical industry and vitalize
information with exchange foreign chemical organizations

Korea Chemicals Management Association

Dongjoon Moon

Welcome to Korea Chemicals Management Association

Korea Chemicals Management Association, KCMA, was established under “Toxic Chemicals Control Act” in March, 1991, consisting over 1,400 members from various chemical industry. In order to support development of chemical industry and to fulfill chemical management policy, KCMA has been delivering industry’s opinions in times of new regulations.

Recently, many countries around the globe are strengthening their chemical management regulation to protect human health and the environment from risk of chemical substances. The role of KCMA has become more important as domestic chemical management regulation changes. We, the KCMA, will endeavor all of our efforts for domestic industry to have international competitiveness and be trusted among people with safe industry.

In order to do so, KCMA will continue to perform the communication channel between government and the industry earnestly and enhance education and public relations for industry to comply with 「ARECs」 and 「CCA」. Moreover, we will support chemical industry in chemical information and chemical accident prevention, preparation and response measures through chemical substances safe management expert training. Especially, we will strengthen and provide customized education and technical support for SMEs lacks at response ability in new regulations and etc. Lastly, KCMA will actively participate in international chemical management discussions such as APEC and OECD to represent domestic chemical industry and vitalize information exchange with foreign chemical organizations.

We appreciate your interest and cooperation and will look forward keep seeing your support.

Thank you very much

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